In Catalana de Frascos, S.A. we have as main goal to provide our customers with a personal and individualized treatment, based on proximity, technical knowledge and the quality of our products.

Catalana de Frascos, S.A. defines the following principles of action, to guarantee at all times compliance with the requirements demanded by our customers, by legislation and regulatory provisions that apply to us:

  • Excellence: achieving the maximum satisfaction and loyalty of our clients by continuously analysing what their needs and expectations are, as well as detecting opportunities for improvement in our QMS that guarantee their permanent adaptation and suitability to market demands.
  • Innovation: continuously improve our products and the technology of our facilities, as well as our internal processes based on the objectives established annually for which the Directorate provides the necessary resources, both material and human.
  • Professionalism: constantly improve the professional training of our staff through annual training plans that favor the participation of all of them to achieve continuous improvement of our processes and to eliminate all activities that do not add value to our clients and thus improve our competitiveness.
  • Sustainability: preserve natural resources and minimize the generation of waste and CO2 emissions.
  • Ethics: ensuring ethical behavior in all our actions.
  • Safety: prevent damage and deterioration of health as the basis of our work activities, including coordination with external personnel.

This policy is complemented by the quality objectives approved annually, and is available to all our interested parties through publication on our website.